Aviation Stickers for Pilots: AV8R (Aviator) Taxiway Sign Sticker


This unique Aviation Sticker reveals the message "Aviator" hidden by the appearance of an Airport Taxiway Sign.

Our Taxiway Sign Stickers are also available with the airport abbreviations for ATL, DFW, JFK, MIA, ORD, and PHX.

Our Stickers are made from high quality Vinyl, not Paper. They are water and UV light resistant, and easily peel off when it's time to change things up!

Great for:
Pilot Bags or Kit Bags
Roller Bags
EFB's or EFB Cases/Covers
Binders/Airway Manuals
Cars, Planes, etc.*

*Please note, the 6x3" size sticker only has basic protection from outside elements. High heat and sunlight exposure will reduce the life of this sticker. For this reason we offer the larger 9x3" size AV8R Taxiway Sign Sticker that has a special laminate coating to extend the life of the sticker significantly and is designed to be used outdoors.

Created by airline pilots for pilots and other aviation enthusiasts, Pilot Expressions was founded for those people who love bag stickers and tags and simply want to express themselves, and their experiences, in more creative ways.

Whether you love flying or you have been reassigned by Crew Scheduling one to many times Pilot Expressions has a sticker or tag for you that says it all.

Stickers and tags from Pilot Expressions are great Gifts for Pilots, Flight Attendants, and anyone else who loves aviation humor.

Checkout our website and find us on Facebook at facebook.com/pilotexpressions to see all of our designs and promotions!

Excellent product - very pleased with product!

Perfect size sticker for my Xbox. Holds up well considering it gets a little warm sometimes on the Xbox

Thanks! Unique gift, quick shipping, great quality.

I am happy with the product

My son just got his commercial pilot's license, and I think he will really like this.

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