Passive Tracking Smart Stickers. Pack of 5. Use on phones, tablets, laptops, cameras and more to help recover if lost!



● Shields personal contact information from easily being seen by the public.

● Aids with the recovery of lost items by allowing a finder to get into direct contact with you and puts your tagged items on a map when tag is scanned or touched!

● 100% Free mobile friendly online account allows you to instantly add, update, and change tag details.

● No batteries means no charging! As long as there is an internet or cellular data connection, WingMate Tags can send a location when found.

● Only information that you want to be seen by the public is visible!


● 5 WingMate NFC/QR Stickers (1.25x1"). Great for tablets, phones, computers, personal headsets, etc.

● Made from from thin but durable PVC, not paper!

● Version: "Locate owner by Touch or Scan"

● Full Complimentary Subscription Service

● 24-hour Account Access

● Live Support (During regular business hours)

● 24-hour email Support

● Lost-and-Found Access for finders reporting a lost article

● Unlimited Access to the WingMate Forum

● Exclusive discounts at the WingMate store and



WingMate is a "Smart" tag that provides a secure way to store personal contact information on virtually any traveling valuable, such as luggage or electronics, and assists with the recovery of valuables when lost. Think of it as a transponder for your travel luggage!

Using NFC and QR Code Technology, WingMate is the most advanced Luggage Tag available. Never write on a luggage tag again and have your personal information easily exposed to the public, simply update your contact information with a click of your mouse or use your smartphone! Whenever your tag is lost, WingMate increases the effectiveness of recovering your lost articles. WingMate was developed by two airline pilots and is flight crew tested to be the best and last luggage tag you will ever need!


Each WingMate tag is embedded with a NFC (Near Field Communication) chip that when read acts as the "key" to our cloud database. The information that you enter into your WingMate profile is securely stored in our database and may only be edited by you. Only contact information that you wish to be visible to others may be seen when accessed through our LOST and FOUND portal. WingMate also uses QR Code technology that may be used when NFC technology is unavailable.

Whenever a tag is lost and then found, the finder touches the WingMate tag to a NFC enabled device, scans QR code, or goes to the URL on the WingMate tag. By using the NFC technology embedded into the tag, and entering the WingMate tags Serial Number into our online database, the person who found the tag may contact the owner using the methods provided on the owner's profile. In addition, you are sent an automatic email with the details of the find with a map of it's location and the contact information of the finder.


WingMate can store a magnitude of information such as:

Phone Number(s)
Airport or Domicile information
With WingMate, you have control over how much or how little information others may see!



In the unlikely but unfortunate event your valuables become lost, WingMate makes it easier to recover your lost luggage or items.

Let's say you're traveling via airline and you accidently leave your tablet in the seatback pocket after deplaning. A likely scenario, right? You’re now checked into your hotel and unpacking only at this moment realizing you’ve lost your $300 tablet! You’re heart drops as you franticly double check every bag in your room, all awhile it’s on its way to the other side of the country! Before WingMate that tablet was as good as gone, especially if its screen is locked or if the battery is dead. Thanks to WingMate, however, a person who finds your tablet simply has to touch your WingMate tag to their phones NFC reader or scan the QR code on the tag. The finder is then directed to our secure online LOST-and-FOUND application where they may report the find of your lost tablet directly to you, putting its location on a map, and get in contact with you using any method you provided through your online profile or by WingMate Messenger. It's that simple.

We have made recovering your lost articles, not a matter of if, but when...

WingMate is the safe and easy way to store contact information on a travel tag and help recover your valuables when lost.


No, WingMate uses no batteries and no charging! The NFC chip embedded in the tag is powered when touched with an NFC enabled device. As long as a person has internet access, WingMate's LOST-and-FOUND application may be utilized. This makes WingMate one of the most versatile and independent products available for protecting personal information and asset recovery!


WingMate tags are passive tracking devices, therefore they do not do active tracking. Passive tracking tags do have some benefits that active trackers cannot do.

Passive tracking tags do not need or have batteries which means they will always work where active trackers rely on battery power to function. If the battery dies in an active tracker, then it is not possible to track your items. WingMate tags will always function when interrogated by NFC or QR readers! If NFC or QR reader is not available, then the serial number on the tag may be manually entered into our Lost-and-Found web application.
WingMate tags will send the location of your item when touched by NFC or scanned by a QR reader. Even if a finder does not contact you the location of your tag is sent to you.
Since our tags do not have a need for batteries or the extra space that active tags require, WingMate requires very little space making them light, flat and compact, and are perfect for small spaces. WingMate smart luggage tags take up no more room than a "dumb" (ordinary) tag and our stickers are small enough to fit on virtually any flat object over 1.5 square inches!

Nope! It's Free! Unlike other similar products out there that "charge-per-find" or "record update", WingMate subscriptions are complementary. Update your account as much as you want, or lose your items as much as you want (although we don't recommend the second part), WingMate offers unlimited database entries at no cost to you. If you already bought a WingMate tag under the old subscription plan, don't worry, your plan is now FREE with everyone else!

I HAVE AN iPhone/iPad, DOES WingMate WORK FOR ME?

Yes! With Apple unlocking it’s NFC API in IOS 11, WingMateTM NFC technology may be used with iPhone 7, 2017 iPad Pro, and later devices. iPhone 6 and earlier, and older iPads may still be used by scanning the QR code. The QR code has the same functionality as the NFC chip.


WingMate is a web based application that may be used by anyone, using any browser, on any platform; no downloading required! Whether you are the tag owner or a finder, WingMate may be accessed from anywhere that there is an internet connection. WingMate may be saved as a home screen icon, just like a native app, on any IOS or Android device.

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