Step On The Ball! Airline Uniform Socks | Aviation Themed Dress Socks!


Prop your feet up in the crew room with this uniquely awesome pair of uniform socks! From the bottom up this pair of socks looks like any other pair of uniform socks, but when you put your feet up in the recliner while waiting for the dreaded phone call a secret message is displayed on the soles. Anybody strolling by will sure to have a good laugh!

These uniform socks are not only fun, but extremely comfortable! Made from super soft, cool and breathable bamboo, polyester, and spandex, this pair of socks is pure heaven on your feet! Our socks were designed around those who take to the sky to provide the most comfort and support while flying those long legs.

Unlike other novelty socks that have printed images that stick to your feet or to the ground and cause your feet to sweat, our socks have the images knitted right into the sock! This makes our socks cool and breathable, and the images will stay as vibrant as the first day your wore them!

So yes, you can have a little bit of fun and comfort at work and still be up to professional standards with our Long WIND-ed SOCKS™ by Pilot Expressions!

Not airline crew? These socks are still for you! These socks are fun for all lovers of aviation and are great for in the office or airplane.


80% Bamboo
15% Polyester
5% Spandex
Mid-Calf rise
One size fits most men

Care Instructions:

Machine wash with like colors
Tumble dry with low heat

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